Consolidated financial statements

The increase in fixed assets is entirely due to the M&A type investments made, which amount to RON 18 million, combined with the decrease in the position of securities placed in equivalence with the reclassification of Softbinator’s participation as “mark-to-market”. Also, with the cancelation of the renting contract for the Anchor Plaza offices, the tangible assets decreased in accordance with IFRS 16.

The increase in current assets is partly due to the increase in receivables from customers (positive evolution of RON 2.3 million), and the reclassification of Softbinator’s participation as a “mark to market” with the listing of the company.

The consolidated cash position reaches RON 23.4 million.

Long-term debts decreased by RON 5 million with the repayment of the BNET22 bond issue.

The positive evolution of short-term debts (from RON 38.7 to 47.1 million) comes almost entirely from M&A operations – the part to be paid in shares or after confirmation of the results for 2021 of the companies in which we invested.

As a result, shareholder equity increased by RON 10.4 million, both due to the market capitalization operation in early 2021, and the annual net profit of RON 14.4 million.

Less than half of the equity comes from capital raising operations through stock exchange mechanisms – most of which are business-generated profits, capitalized by issuing new shares.