The Technology Division

  • Dendrio Solutions SRL (tax identification number 11973883): the only multi-cloud integrator in Romania, a certified partner at the highest standards by Cisco, Microsoft, Google, Amazon Web Services, but also many other vendors, is the company that brings together IT&C integration activities, provided by Bittnet, Gecad Net and Crescendo. Revenues in 2021 – RON 87 million, operational profit – RON 5.45 million.
  • IT Prepared SRL (tax identification number 35456175), held by Bittnet as to 50.2%, is an entrepreneurial managed service company established in 2016, providing IT support services on the US market mainly. ITPrepared customer portfolio is primarily based on US companies, but also some local customers. Managed services is the outsourcing of responsibility for maintaining and anticipating the need for a range of processes and functions that aim to improve operations and reduce costs within a company. The 2021 revenues increased to RON 5.5 million and the operating profit to RON 1.5 million.
  • Elian Solutions SRL (tax identification number: 23037351), a company incorporated in 2008, owned by Bittnet Systems SA to a 51% extent, it is a Gold-certified partner by Microsoft for ERP type of solutions. Revenues in significant growth in 2021, amounting to RON 6.9 million, with an operational profit amounting to RON 158 thousands.
  • Nenos Software SRL (tax identification number 29612482), 61% owned by Bittnet, is a custom software development company with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI / ML). The 2021 revenues amounted to RON 2.5 million, with a RON 0.8 million profit.
  • Nonlinear SRL (tax identification number 37758005) is a SPV set up to access European funding, 60% owned by Bittnet. The business activity is product-based software development focused on developing a digitization and process automation platform within small and medium companies using low code / no code and machine learning technologies. The 2021 revenues amounted to RON 900,000, whereas the operational profit was RON 350,000.
  • ISEC Associates SRL (tax identification number: 23037351), 70% owned by Bittnet, is a company that offers professional services in the area of cybersecurity, which provides audit services, consulting and testing (penetration testing) in the classic regime and “managed services”. The company holds many certifications (ASF, BNR, CISA, CISM, CEH, CISSP, OSCP, CDPSE, ISO 27701, etc). Revenues in 2021 – RON 1.4 million, operational profit – RON 380 thousands
  • Global Resolution Experts S.A. (GRX)(tax identification number 34836770), 60% owned by Bittnet, is a professional services company in the area of cybersecurity, which offers penetration tests, but also the design, implementation and maintenance of cybersecurity solutions. Owns GRX Advisory SRL (tax identification number 43813325) entirely, providing similar services. The consolidated revenues of GRX / A are worth RON 8 million and the operating profit – RON 4 million. As the company was acquired in December 2021, these figures are not included in any way in the consolidated results of the group.