Marketing & Product Development Team

This year we continued to refine the lead generation model by developing content. Both the video content and the 7 e-books developed generated over 4000 downloads and over 500 MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads). In addition to lead generation, Product Managers have built and implemented 21 campaigns to promote our webinars, generating over 4,000 registrations for our virtual events.

During the second part of the year we also launched ABM (Acount Based Marketing) campaigns on LinkedIn for DevOps Artisan, our international sales project, for CTRL + N, our professional reskilling project, and for Bittnet. The encouraging results make us consider extending this approach to other projects or companies in the Education Division.

In 2021 the Bittnet websites, and were accessed by more than 183,000 visitors overall, while our digital campaigns were viewed by an average of 4,947,000 users online.

Since August, I have become the strategic education partner of ANIS (Employers’ Association of the Software Industry) and I have already delivered a first webinar for the L&D specialists of the ANIS member companies.

In 2021 we introduced in the portfolio new courses in the area of IT Service Management from the Peoplecert vendor and we developed with our instructors trainings adapted to the market requirements and the needs of the clients in the security area.

We have completed the configuration of the new FutureSkills learning platform and started testing it in projects with clients. The main features and benefits of the platform respond to the learning needs and learning styles of Learner Persona in the target group, identified following the qualitative research conducted at the end of 2020:

  • LMS & social media infrastructure
  • Complete learning experiences: live online sessions, self-paced study, collaborative work
  • Adapting to the rhythm and individuality of each participant
  • The Social Learning component through the high level of collaboration and practice groups
  • Constantly updating content (learner generated content).
  • Mixing content and methods in an architecture (learning journey) that allows collaboration with learning stakeholders.

In March we also got recognition from human resources professionals during the Excellence in Human Resources Awards Gala, sponsored and organized by HR Club. We won the award for the best program in the Training and Development category, for the VRunners Fn + F5 project implemented by Equatorial in 2020 for the Software Development department of Miele Brasov.

At the end of last year, Equatorial partnered with Human Synergistics to provide consulting services to IT companies as part of the National Organizational Culture and Leadership Impact Research.