The Education Division

  • Bittnet Systems SA (tax identification number: 21181848): the parent company of the group, listed on BVB. It carries out the holding activity plus the IT Training activity, being the undoubted leader on this market in Romania. Revenues in 2021: RON 13 million, RON 940 thousand operational loss.
  • Computer Learning Center SRL (tax identification number: 26065887), entirely owned by Bittnet, is a cybersecurity-focused IT training company founded in 2009 with a long history of serving corporate clients. In 2021, the revenues amounted to RON 2.1 million, while the operational profit was RON 98 thousand.
  • Equatorial Gaming SA (tax identification number: 30582237) currently owned to a 99% extent by Bittnet Systems SA, is a game-based learning company that provides soft skills training for the IT industry, both in classic and in the gamified form. Revenues in 2021 – RON 2.3 million, EBITDA of RON 641 thousand, amortisation of RON 664 thousand and an operational loss RON 23 thousand.
  • The eLearning company SA (tax identification number: 30760571): 23% owned by Bittnet Systems SA, is an entrepreneurial company that offers eLearning courses for companies. Established in 2012, it registered in 2021 a significant increase in revenues after joining the group, up to RON 3.7 million and a RON 1 million operating profit.