BNET19 (repaid in advance)

BNET19 were the first bonds that were issued by Bittnet Group, which floated on the ATS-AeRO bonds market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange in September 2016. The bonds had 3-years maturity and a 9% interest rate, payable quarterly. The capital raised during BNET19 issuance was  used primarily as working capital. BNET19 bonds were redeemed prior to maturity, in accordance with the Memorandum and the Decision of the Sole Administrator no. 5627 of 07.02.2019 through which the call option was exercised.  The redemption price of the BNET19 bonds was 100% of the face value and the registration date for the identification of the bondholders who benefit from the early buyback was 14.02.2019. The payment date was established on 22.02.2019 and BNET19 bonds were suspended from trading starting with 13.02.2019.

Key Characteristics:

Ticker ATS-AeRO: BNET19
Interest: 9% p.a., payable quarterly
Issue Date: 15.07.2016
Listing Date: 28.09.2016
Maturity: 15.07.2019
Principal: 1,000 RON
Number of securities issued: 4,186
Value of issuance: 4,186,000 RON

Suspended from trading: 13.02.2019 after exercising the call-back option

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