BNET23C (repaid at maturity)

BNET23C is the 5th corporate bonds issuance of Bittnet Group. Similar to BNET23A, BNET23C bonds have a 9% interest rate per year, payable on a half-yearly basis. The capital raised during the private placement lead by brokerage houses Goldring and Tradeville, in the amount of 10,000,000 lei, was fully directed into working capital in order to finance the ongoing activity of Bittnet Group.

Key Characteristics:

Ticker ATS-AeRO: BNET23C
Interest: 9% p.a., payable half-yearly
Issue Date: 23.01.2019
Listing Date: 17.04.2019
Maturity: 23.01.2023
Principal: 100 RON
Number of securities issued: 100,000
Value of issuance: 10,000,000 RON

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Coupon Coupon Payment Date
1st 23.07.2019
2nd 23.01.2020
3rd 23.07.2020
4th 22.01.2021
5th 23.07.2021
6th 21.01.2022
7th 22.07.2022
8th (maturity) 23.01.2023