Demand Generation Team

As the main lead generator for the sales team, the Demand generation team increased its staff, to reach 5 SDR (Sales Development Representative) led by a Team Lead.

Throughout the year we have constantly refined the two lead generation processes, i.e. the Inbound and Outbound process, we have standardized the work and the loading and we have established the performance indicators helping us to skill professionals. At the end of the year we built the “operational textbook”, which is the standard for generating leads in the Education division.

The Inbound process involved managing 523 leads from the site’s marketing and registration campaigns, and further up skilling 175 leads. The Outbound process involved approaching 686 companies in areas such as IT & Telco, Finance & Banking, and Manufacturing. We up skilled 85 leads in these fields.

The amount of the leads earned from these campaigns currently exceeds EUR 160,000, over EUR 80,000 of those still being open (under management).