Software Development – Nenos & Nonlinear

  • In the field of software development and artificial intelligence, the accelerated development of a company depends to a large extent on its capacity to attract new talents. Considering this, Nenos and Nonlinear initiated Nenos Academy, an initiative which helps develop and attract new resources.
  • With the help of the 4 trainers of Nenos Academy (team established in the second half of 2021) the company supports online training in JavaScript and Python languages
  • The Nenos Academy also contributed to the organization of the Softbinator Foundation (synergy created by the entry of Nenos into the Bittnet group) – Nenos thus having access to a significant pool of talent in software development
  • A software development project for Chromosome Dynamics (CHRD) was launched in December 2021 – a project that will bring several technological and operational innovations for the Romanian agricultural sector.