One of the main concerns of our Training Managers was to grow and professionalize the team of internal trainers and collaborators. The fact that we now have a Training Manager for both technical and human skills trainings has helped us build a significant part of the processes and procedures needed in the final stage of the Buyer Journey.

The Customer Success managers have also completed the working procedures and use cases that demonstrate the ROI obtained by the clients for the educational projects carried out along with us.

  • 326 sessions, both private and public; we had 3200 students (250 fewer than in 2020); the delivery was made with 45 internal instructors and collaborators; the most requested resumes were in 2021 DevOps Artisan and Microsoft.
2021 2020 2019
Number of classes 326 321 367
Number of students 3200 3450 3836
Workload by class 9.81 10.47 10.45
  • 204 private sessions; we had 1,012 students compared to 648 in 2020 (of which 450 also VRunners players, compared to 180 in 2020); the delivery was made with 7 internal instructors and collaborators,
  • over 78,000 users have active accounts for accessing Skillsoft courses in Romanian provided by The e-learning Company compared to 52,000 last year. Of these, over 50,000 are students who access our iKnowLMS platform and for the other students the client companies use other platforms.