Due to the restrictions imposed, but also the necessary precaution due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, the general meeting of shareholders will be organized electronically, accessible to all shareholders via the Internet at the following Internet addresses:

The first convocation – 27.04.2021 or

The second convocation – 28.04.2021

  1. Convener of the General Meetings of Shareholders (Completion)
  2. Online participation procedure at the GMS
  3. Documents for GMS – Forms
  4. Proposals O&EGMS Decisions

Decisions OGMS & EGMS results 27.04.2021 (available from 27.04.2021)

Voting Rights:

At the date of publication of this call there is a total number of 247,228,275 shares that give a number of 247,228,275 voting rights. Until the reference date, it is possible that the total number of voting shares will be equal to 282,609,943, as a result of the registration of the capital increases from August 18, 2020 and December 17, 2020.

Support documents for the agenda:


  • Item 2:
  • Item 3 – Profit sharing proposal
  • Item 5 – Revenue and Expenditure Budget for 2021
  • Item 6 – Remuneration Policy (V01 – 20210427)
  • Item 7 – Remuneration Report for 2020