Dividend Policy

The company activates in an exciting and fast moving field – Information Technology. We have until now managed to grow at a significant rate, and always being profitable. The snowball has acquired significant momentum. On the other hand, the current size of the company, coupled with the trend of consolidation across all industries, means that only correct direction to go is still upwards. That is why we intend to continue to invest any available source in the development of the company.

For shareholders, this translates into a “fully reinvested profits” policy, which also equates with a “no dividend” policy. Also in line with Warren Buffett’s philosophy, we intend to maintain this reinvestment policy for as long as the growth prospects of the company outweigh the growth prospects of the general market. In the long term, the value that a company creates is generally reflected in the value of the company itself, and it’s stock price. We believe that we can maintain a growth rate above the one of the general market for some time now. Our current operational and delivery capacity is such that we can extract accelerated profit growths from the increases in revenues – and that is our strategy: to keep growing the revenues in similar “gross margin” conditions, which will generate more money to cover a generally fixed structure of costs, therefore significantly adding to the bottom line.