Founded in 2007

By Cristian and Mihai Logofatu.


Bittnet transforms into a joint-stock company (SA) following the capital increase using profits generated in 2008.

2012 - Capital infusion from business angel

Răzvan Căpățînă, in exchange for a 24% stake in Bittnet.

2012 - Bittnet Advisory Board

Creation of the Bittnet Advisory Board, consisting of recognised investors and entrepreneurs

Listing on AeRO in March 2015

Lists on AeRO, company attracts €150,000 in exchange for 10% from Polish fund Carpathia Capital.

First bond issuance - July 2016

Attracts €950,000 through first issuance of corporate bonds (BNET19) on AeRO.

Profit capitalization - August 2016

Capitalizes profit of €200,000.

Capital increase - March 2017

Raises €175,000 through AeRO in exchange for 7% stake in the company.

First Takeover - April 2017

Announces takeover of GECAD NET.

Profit capitalization - July 2017

Capitalizes profit of  €320,000.

Second bond issuance - September 2017

Attracts €1,000,000 through issuing corporate bonds (BNET22) – capital used to acquire GECAD NET.

New takeovers - March 2018

Announces purchasing of 51% stake in ELIAN Solutions and 25% stake in EQUATORIAL.

Rebranding - April 2018

Rebrands GECAD NET to Dendrio – first multi-cloud integrator in Romania.

Third bond issuance - July 2018

Attracts €1,000,000 through BNET23 bonds for M&A in ELIAN and EQUATORIAL.

Significant transaction - October 2018

Announces intention to acquire the IT&C integration division of Crescendo International.

Crescendo M&A bonds - December 2018/January 2019

Attracts €4,000,000 through bonds BNET23A and BNET23C.

BNET19 repayment - January 2019

Callback and repayment o BNET19 bonds.

Historical milestone - market capitalization - May 2019

Bittnet Group reaches historical milestone with market capitalization of over 100 million lei.