1 year from the listing on the BVB main market and 6 years from the listing on AERO

Cristian Logofatu, Bittnet Group Cofounder

Mihai Logofatu, Bittnet Group CEO & Cofounder

Lucian Anghel, Bittnet Board Vicepresident

10 years of Advisory Board at Bittnet

Mihai Logofatu, Bittnet Group CEO & Cofounder

The first Advisory Board in Romania, with people from the entrepreneurial environment

Cristian Herghelegiu, CEO Dendrio | Vicepresident for Technology in Bittnet Group

Dan Berteanu, Vicepresident for Education in Bittnet Group

Dan Stefan, Bittnet Board Member

Sergiu Negut, Bittnet Board Member

Andrei Pitis, Bittnet Board Member