Current Report 13 – Successful offer of corporate bonds

Bittnet Systems S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) informs the shareholders about the successful undertaking of a sales offer via private placement of corporate bonds, according to the Resolution no. 9 of the Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting of April 28th 2016.

The intermediary for the private placement is BRK Financial Group. The bonds have a face value of RON 1000, a maturity of 3 years and a yearly coupon of 9%, payable quarterly.

A total of 4186 bonds have been subscribed, which brings the total of money raised in the operation to RON 4.186.000. There were 36 subscriptions by natural persons and 4 by companies.

The money will be used by the company for the financing of current activities, with a potential of replacing bank financing, and to finance the accelerated growth plans of the Company.

In accordance to the resolution of the Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting, the Company will begin the process of listing the bonds issue on the ATS market operated by the Bucharest Stock Exchange.