BITTNET SYSTEMS S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) informs the shareholders about the successful undertaking of a sales offer via private placement of corporate bonds between January 14th – 18th 2019.
Due to this private offer, the Company raised the amount of RON 10 million and sold the maximum number of bonds (100,000) according to Sole Administrator’s Decision and the Private placement offer document. The bonds have a face value of RON 100, a maturity of 4 years and a yearly coupon of 9%, payable half-yearly. The intermediation syndicate was formed by SSIF Tradeville and SSIF Goldring. The money will be used to finance current activity of Bittnet Group. BNET23C bonds are nominative, dematerialized, corporate, unconvertible and unsecured. The Issuer and the Intermediary are following the process of registering securities to FSA and listing the BNET23C issue on the AeRO-ATS bonds market of the BSE.

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