BITTNET SYSTEMS S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) informs the investors and the capital market about the successful undertaking of corporate bonds sale through private placement, after which the Company obtained the amount of RON 9,703,700 from 20 individual investors and one legal person. During this process, 21 transactions totaling 97,037 nominative, dematerialized, corporate, unconvertible, unsecured bonds, with a face value of 100 lei / bond, were settled through the Bucharest Stock Exchange mechanisms (POFBX market).

BNET23A bonds have the maturity at 5 years, fixed interest rate of 9% per year, payable semi-annually and the allocation date 28.12.2018, according to the Decision of the Unique Administrator, EGSM Decision no. 10 of 25 April 2018 and the Presentation Document. The company will use the funds raised in the BNET23A issue to finance the IT&C business transfer from Crescendo International S.R.L. and its integration into Bittnet Group structure, according to the approval of the EGMS on 17 December 2018 and the investment contract described in Current Report 22 / 15.10.2018. The Issuer and the Intermediary are following the process of registering securities to ASF and listing the BNET23A issue on the AeRO-ATS bonds market of the BSE.

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