BITTNET SYSTEMS S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “Company” / “Issuer” / “Group”) informs investors about signing of two significant contracts that each exceed 10% of last year’s turnover. The agreements have a value of RON 107 million and were signed by Dendrio Solutions SRL, a company part of the Issuer’s group following a public tender procedure in which it was declared winner along with other two competitors.

The contracts are of framework-agreements, without the client’s obligation to reach the maximum amount and the total value is given by the maximum units of equipments that could be ordered by the beneficiary, based on subsequent contracts. The beneficiary is a client from the public sector – the area of national defense. The agreements are to supply IT infrastructure equipments (datacenter routers).

The contractual period is during 48 months (until September 2027). Dendrio Solutions is part of the Cloud& Infrastructure pillar of the Bittnet Group, together with Dataware Consulting, Top Tech, Optimizor (formerly ITPrepared) and 2Net Computer.