BITTNET SYSTEMS S.A. (referred to as the Company / the Issuer / the Group) informs investors about the signing of a significant contract by Dendrio Solutions SRL (part of the Cloud& Infrastructure pillar of Bittnet group) that exceeds 10% of the individual turnover of Dendrio and also consolidated revenues at the group level.

The contract was signed after Dendrio won a public bidding process and represents the highest value project concluded by a Bittnet group company to date. Its value amounts to RON 66.9 million without VAT and the object is an integrated monitoring solution for a local public authority. The project involves the delivery of the IT infrastructure together with installation, configuration, testing services as well as the installation of the monitoring solution. The project will be fully delivered by Dendrio within next 2 years.

Dendrio Solutions is part of the Cloud & Infrastructure pillar of the Bittnet group together with Dataware Consulting, TopTech, 2Net Computer and Optimizor (formerly ITPrepared).