In accordance with art. 108 of Law 24/2017 republished, Bittnet Systems SA (hereinafter referred to as the “Issuer”) makes available to investors and interested parties the report on intragroup transactions carried out between the companies within the Issuer’s Group during 2022.

In the course of daily operations of the current activity, but also due to the Group structure, there are various transactions between the companies of the Group. In general, the Company tries to keep this volume of intragroup transactions (or transactions with affiliates) at a minimum level, but does not refuse to deliver the relevant technological solutions to the group’s clients if they generate transactions between the affiliated parties.

Between two of the group companies, respectively between Bittnet Systems SA (“the Issuer”) and Dendrio Solutions SRL (“Subsidiary Company”), intragroup transactions of a value exceeding 5% of the Issuer’s net assets were carried out during 2022.
During 2022, the situation of intra-group transactions is presented below, the only relevant figures are generated by the group/”holding” activity in connection with the re-invoicing of administrative expenses, especially those with the rent of the headquarters in ONE Cotroceni Park.

The significant values of these transactions are generated:

  1. by the interest related to the intragroup loan granted by the Issuer to Dendrio together with the acquisition of the business transfer taken over from Crescendo International;
  2. administrative invoicing related to the current activity carried out at the ONE Cotroceni Park headquarters (rent, utilities, administrative related to the maintenance of the headquarters).

The transactions are summarized according to the nature of the expenses/incomes realized and are based on fiscal documents (intragroup loan contracts, commercial contracts with clients, invoices), according to the signed contractual agreements or based on the approvals of the management of the companies part of the Group.
The tables below show the total value of this transactions between the Issuer and the subsidiary company, in the relevant period, as well as the balances of debts and claims existing between the parties on 31.12.2022.
The creditor company (or the seller depending on the nature of the transaction) and the debtor company (buying counterparty) in the transaction are indicated on the column. All amounts are expressed in RON.

The Report and the auditor’s opinion regarding it, can pe consulted at the links below:

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