BITTNET SYSTEMS S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “Company” / “Issuer”) informs investors about the results of the options process regarding the share capital increase according to EGMS Decision no. 2 of April 20, 2022 and to the additional option procedure for its implementation.

Thus, the shareholders at the registration date – July 21, 2022 – were able to express their option between leaving the newly issued shares at the disposal of the Company and receiving a cash distribution in the amount of RON 0.15, thus choosing to support the company in the obligations assumed through the incentive programs OR to be allocated a free share after issuing a new registration certificate (CIIF) from the FSA.

During the voting process, from July 27 to August 4, at 17:00, the Issuer received a number of 234 options, from 234 shareholders, representing a total of 205,693,904 voting rights, i.e. 43.34% of the total voting rights of the Issuer. Among the options expressed, 105 shareholders representing 175,297,189 of voting rights, i.e. 36.93% of the total voting rights, opted for: OPTION 1 – for cash distribution. The company will transfer to these shareholders the amount of RON 2,629,453.80 starting with September 12, 2022, through the Central Depository system, with Banca Transilvania as the payment agent. Shareholders who voted for cash distribution will receive the amounts in the IBAN account indicated to the company by email, or during the registration process in the online voting platform.

Shareholders who have not submitted an IBAN account will be able to collect the amounts from any agency of Banca Transilvania, with an identity document. The shareholders who voted ‘against’ or ‘abstain’, as well as those who did not take any steps to vote, will not benefit from the cash distribution, and their shares will be allocated to them in Section 1 of the Central Depository, after the issuance of the registration certificate by FSA. The allocation of shares will be done, estimated, on September 12. The Central Depository will charge then a number of 17,529,692 treasury shares to the Issuer’s account.

The Issuer will inform the Market, through current reports, related to the implementation stages of the operation and the issuance of the new CIIF by the FSA, a necessary step for the allocation of the new shares.