BITTNET SYSTEMS S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) informs investors about the receiving of the necessary approvals from FSA and BSE for the admission to trading of the allocation rights (DA) BNETR07 resulting from the subscriptions in the capital increase. The first trading day will be 21.04.2020 and the trading period will be extended until the registration moment of the new capital in the records of Trade Register Office, FSA and the Central Depository.
According to the presentation document, attached to this current report, the last trading day for the BNETR07 allocation rights will be, at the latest, the working day prior to the transmission to the Central Depository of the Securities Registration Certificate (CIVM) with the increased capital.
The conversion from BNETR07 allocation rights into BNET shares will be done automatically through the systems of the Bucharest Stock Exchange and the Central Depository, so each holder of BNETR07, on the registration date, will be allocated one BNET share for each BNETR07 allocation right owned. The registration date (defined as the date on which the identification of BNETR07 holders that will be transformed into newly issued shares takes place) is the next working day after the receipt by the Central Depository of the CIVM for the increased capital.
The Company will inform investors of the last trading day for BNETR07 allocation rights through current reports published on the BVB website as all legal procedures for registering the new share capital will be executed. The estimated trading period for the alocation rights is until 04.05.2020.

Document de prezentare drepturi alocare BNETR07

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