BITTNET SYSTEMS S.A. (referred to as the “Company” / “Issuer”) informs investors about the successful closing of the capital increase operation by new contributions and about the results of this operation. The total amount raised by the Company in both stages of this financing round is RON 29,765,797.00. Thus, in stage 2 – private placement, carried out through the intermediary SSIF Goldring SA, between 06-10.03.2023, 35,193,399 new BNET shares, equivalent to new cash contributions of RON 10,909,953.67, were subscribed.

In stage 1, the public offer, between January 30 and March 1st , 2023, a number of 60,825,301 new shares were subscribed, which represents 57.54% of the entire issue. In both stages, a total of 96,018,700 new shares were subscribed with new cash contribution, representing 90.84% of the entire offer of new shares.

The share capital will increase by the amount of RON 32,765,796.89, related to a number of 105,696,119 new shares (100% of the offer), the difference being represented by receivables resulting from the M&A activity from recent years.