BITTNET SYSTEMS S.A. (referred to as the “Company” / “Issuer”) informs the investors about the additional agreement for the extension of the credit product – revolving overdraft – contracted by Elian Solutions SRL from Unicredit Bank.
The agreement was extended for a period of 12 months and the credit was increased from RON 800,000 to RON 1,600,000 under the same conditions, respectively:

  • Interest rate: ROBOR3M+3%
  • Maturity of the facility: February 2024
  • Purpose: financing of working capital and current activity
  • Structure of the guarantees: mortgage on the bank accounts of Elian Solutions SRL opened at Unicredit, assignment of receivables and Letter of corporate guarantee issued by Bittnet Systems SA.

Bittnet Systems SA owns 51% of the shares of Elian Solutions SRL.