BITTNET SYSTEMS S.A. (referred to as the “Company” / “Issuer” / “Group”) informs investors about the sale of its own shares according to EGMS Resolution no. 18th April 27, 2023. Thus, a number of 14,729,025 BNET shares were placed for sale at the price of RON 0.31 /share on 26.06.2023 & 27.06.2023, the Issuer obtaining as a result of these transactions the amount of RON 4,565,997.75 .

The Issuer decided to sell the shares from the Company’s treasury, considering that the stock option plan with for key persons, SOP2021, expired unexercised in May-June 2023. In this way, the Issuer had the option of canceling the respective treasury shares and thus to reduce the share capital, or to sell them through the mechanisms of the capital market, according to the EGMS Decision of April 27th , 2023.