BITTNET SYSTEMS S.A. (referred to as the “Company” / “Issuer” / “Group”) informs investors about the letter of resignation from an administrator (member of the board of directors) Mr. Rudolf Paul Vizental starting with 29.01.2024, the expiration date of the mandate according to the contract signed by Mr. Vizental and the Company. At the same time, on 29.01.2024, the mandates of the other administrators also expire.
The Board of Directors convened the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (OGMS) on 25.01.2024 for the election of a new board of directors, consisting of 5 members. The online voting process remains open until the end of the OGMS. The shareholders can review, revalidate or change the voting options expressed whenever and wherever they want until the end of the OGMS meeting on 25.01.2024 via the shareholder account