Bittnet Systems S.A. (“the Company”) informs shareholders about the results of the subscription process in the capital increase operation approved by the Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting of April 26th 2016. If during Stage 1 of the subscriptions, which took place between January 9th and February 8th, the Company has sold a total number of 993,207 shares for 0.78 RON each, in the 2nd Stage the Company has offered the remaining number of 7,767 unsubscribed shares. The remaining shares were offered by the Company in a private placement.
In this 2nd Stage, 9 investors have placed 9 subscription orders at a price per share of 0.80 RON. All the remaining shares from Stage 1 (a 0.78% of the total shared offered in the capital increase) were subscribed in the 2nd Stage. During both stages the Company attracted a total amount of RON 780,915.06 for 100% of the 1,000,974 shares offered.