Bittnet Systems S.A. ( “the Company”) informs shareholders about the results of the subscription process in the capital increase operation approved by the Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting of April 26th 2016. Stage 1 of the subscriptions took place between January 9th and February 8th. In this period the Company has offered via the Stock Exchange Mechanisms (the POFX market) a total number of 1,000,974  shares for 0.78 RON each.

During Stage 1, 93 investors have placed 95 subscription orders for a total of 993,207 shares, which represents a 99.22% subscription.

The Intermediary was Intercapital Invest, who has distributed the offer through all authorized intermediaries on the BVB – which is a first for capital increase operations in Romania.

During Stage 2, the Company will offer the remaining unsubscribed 7,767  shares to investors in a private placement.