BITTNET SYSTEMS S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) informs the investors about the publication of the Note on Securities and the Summary, documents prepared in order to establish the Prospectus related to the increase of the share capital through new cash contributions (“Prospectus”). The documents were approved by the Financial Supervisory Authority by Decision no. 16 / 07.01.2021. From the date of approval, the Note on securities and the Summary, together with the Universal Registration Document (approved by FSA Decision no. 867/15.07.2020) constitute the Prospectus for increasing the share capital with cash contribution according to the EGMS Resolution no. 4 from 29.04.2020.

The object of the increase operation is to issue 18,178,550 ordinary shares offered for subscription at the preferential price of 0.59 RON per share. The capital increase is made based on the preference right. For the purchase of a new share are necessary 7 preference rights/pre-emptive rights BNETR08.

According to the EGMS Decision no. 4 and the Prospectus, the preferential rights will be tradable for a period of 7 working days between: 14.01.2021 – 22.01.2021. At the end of the Trading Period, the BNETR08 holders will be able to buy shares directly from the Issuer, at the offer price of 0.59 RON per share, proportional to the number of rights held, for 30 days in the interval: 27.01. 2021 – 25.02.2021 (Stage 1 of the increase).

In order to find out how many new shares he is entitled to subscribe an investor, at the end of the BNETR08 rights trading period, he must divide the number of rights held by 7 and if the resulting number is not an integer, it will be rounded to minus to the next lower natural number.

The shares remaining unsubscribed after Stage 1, will be offered for sale to investors in a private placement and at a price higher than the offer price, according to the legal provisions.

The information necessary for the subscription for Stage 1 can be consulted in the Prospectus, accessing the documents below, on the Company’s website in the “investors” section, as well as on the website of the Intermediary, SSIF Tradeville SA.

Event Period
Trading period for pre-emptive rights BNETR08 14.01.2021 – 22.01.2021
Subscriptions during Stage 1 of the capital increase 27.01.2021 – 25.02.2021
Subscriptions during Stage 2 of the increase (private placement) Maximum 5 working days after

Stage 1

CR no. 2/11.01.2021