Bittnet Systems S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) informs investors and the press about the organization of the “Investors Day” at the Company’s headquarters.

The event will take place on 19th April 2018, starting with 09:00 AM at the company’s office in Bucharest, Bd. Timisoara no. 26, Plaza Romania Offices Building, 1st floor, District 6.The event is open to all shareholders, individual and institutional investors, analysts, and the media. Participants will be able to interact directly with the Company and its management.

During the event, the Bittnet team will present the results of the fiscal year 2017 and the strategy for 2018. In addition, the new GECAD NET brand identity will be revealed and the founders of the two companies intending to join the Bittnet family in 2018 will be present: Elian Solutions and Equatorial. The detailed agenda for the event can be found below.

Investors Day Bittnet Agenda

For further information and confirmation at the event, please contact us at: 0731.700.226 or by online registration at the following link:

Online registration Investors Day