BITTNET SYSTEMS SA (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) informs the investors about establishing the price within the offer for the share capital increase operation according to Decision no. 2 EGMS from 24.04.2019: RON 0.8 3 per share. The price consists of nominal value (RON 0. 1) plus the issue premium. The formula for the premium was established at the same meeting of the EGMS and the average trading price for the last 30 days was determined according to the date of physical presentation at the FSA of the Prospectus (date 13.02.2020):

[(average trading price over the last 30 days) 1.25] 0.1

The newly issued shares are offered for subscription based on the preference right of the shareholders registered on registration date 08.07.2019. To subscribe a new share, 5 preference rights are required ( BNETR06). Preference rights were charged to the accounts of the share holders on 09.07.2019. Prior to the subscription period, the preference rights will be tradable on the SMT market of BVB according to the EGMS Decision no. 2 of 24.04.2019.