BITTNET SYSTEMS S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) informs the shareholders about obtaining the ASF (Financial Supervisory Authority) visa no. 1353/28.09.2017 for the Offer Prospectus for the capital increase with new contributions in cash. The number of new issued shares will be 1.416.012 each with a value of RON 0.57 / share, issued by the Company in accordance with the Extraordinary Shareholder Meeting Resolutions from April 26th 2017. The total amount of the share capital increase will be RON 807,126.84, assuming that all shares are subscribed in Phase 1 of the capital increase. The shareholders who held shares at the registration date, May 22, 2017, will receive preference rights equal with the number of shares held at the registration date. For the subscription of a new share, in the capital increase operation, each shareholder must hold 10.25 preference rights. The number of new shares that may be subscribed by a shareholder is calculated by dividing the number of preference rights held at the registration date, at 10.25. If the result from the above calculation is not a natural number, the maximum number of shares that can actually be subscribed will be rounded-down to the next higher natural number. The preference rights will be listed on the BVB market and will be traded under the ticker symbol BNETR02, in a period of 10 working days from October 3rd to October 16th 2017. Subsequently to the Preference Rights trading period, investors holding rights may subscribe shares between October 23rd and November 22nd 2017. All the relevant information for the subscription in the capital increase can be found in the Offering Prospectus available for shareholders on the Company website and intermediated by SSIF Goldring SA.

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