BITTNET SYSTEMS S.A. (referred to as the “Company/“Issuer”/”Group”) informs the investors about the following errors (drafting errors) regarding the percentage values on the “evolution” column in the Quarterly Report Q3 2023 table, as follows:

  • on page 7, table regarding “Operational Result”, on row 6 – “Cloud Services” – the evolution presented in the table is expressed as “9.2%”. The correct value is “-9.2%”.

A similar error is recorded on page 11, in the “trailing twelve months” table, as follows:

  • row 9 – “One-off result”: the correct value is a negative one: “-87.78%”
  • row 11 – “Expenses with SOP” – the correct value is “-10.38%”
  • row 12 – “M&A pre-acquisition costs” – the correct value is “-63.63%”
  • row 13 – “Gain/(loss) securities” – the correct value is “-67.90%”
  • row 14 – “Financial Income” – the correct value is “-190.47%”
  • row 16 – “Gross Profit” – the correct value is “-132.73%”
  • row 19 – “Tax” – the correct value is “-17.01%”
  • row 20 – “Net Profit” – the correct value is “-72.70%”

The same type of error can be found in the table on page 24 – Financial results of the Cybersecurity business pillar – row “Cash and equivalents”, column “evolution”, the correct percentage value being: “-20.1%”.

On page 25 – at the Platforms & software table, row “Other revenues” – the correct value on the column “evolution” is a negative one: “-66.3%”. The values presented in the columns related to 2022 and 2023 are correct, the drafting error refers to the lack of the “-“ sign, which represents a percentage decrease in the case of the previously elements. The values are correct and remain unchanged, the only material errors being in at the percentage values, corrected by this current report. Also, the other information published in the Quarterly Report is correct and remains unchanged.

Q3 BNET Report