OGMS & EGMS – April 27, 2023

  • First notice – 27 April 2023
  • Second notice – 28 April 2023

Vote rights

On the date of publication of this convening notice, the company has registered with the Trade Register and the Central Depository a total number of 528,480,595 shares with voting rights. Of these, a number of 23,970,745 shares are owned by the Company, so they have suspended voting rights.
Thus, the total number of voting rights is 504,509,850. The company has submitted to the Trade Register the documentation for the registration of the capital increase with contributions and receivables. As a result of this operation, the Issuer’s capital will increase by a number of 105,696,119, which will receive voting rights upon registration in the Central Depository.
The issuer is in the process of registering the new share capital – after the increase carried out in Q1 2023 – at ReCom, ASF, Depozitarul Central and Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Documente suport pentru ordinea de zi



  • Item 03& 05 – Board mandate preference right
  • Item 04 – Authorized capital limit
  • Item 06-08 – changes/updates to Articles of Incorporation
  • Item 09 – Issue of preferential shares
  • Item 10 – Cancellation of EGMS Decision and withdrawal of BNETR14 ticker
  • Item 11 – Long-term remuneration plan
  • Item 12 – M&A Dataware approval
  • Item 13-16 – Ratification of additional documents for M&A transactions
  • Item 17 – Share buyback plan
  • Item 19 – Ratification of Board Decision – bank loan


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