Considering the provisions of the FSA Regulation no. 5/2020 for the measures regarding the conduct of general meetings of shareholdrs during the existence of the state of emergency generated by COVID-19,
BITTNET SYSTEMS S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) informs the shareholders about the electronic system so they can exercise their right to online vote, within the OGMS and EGMS from 29.04.2020 at the following links:
Voting for OGMS:
Voting for EGMS:

The shareholders registered in the register of shareholders kept by the Central Depository on the reference date (21.04.2020) will be able to send their votes at any time starting today and until the closing of the voting round announced as such by the chairman during each of the meetings of the shareholders (OGMS and EGMS respectively) from 29.04.2020.
The access of shareholders registered in the shareholders register at the reference date within the OGMS and the EGMS may be made at the internet address:
The shareholders can access the system described at the above mentioned internet address from any device connected to internet. After accessing the teleconferencing system, the shareholder will be able to see the video transmission of the GMS and will be able to ask written questions in the specially dedicated section of the web screen. Shareholders who wish to participate by telephone must call the telephone number indicated at and enter the access code specified at the aforementioned address.
Shareholders who will participate by electronic means will have access to two-way communication in real time, which will allow them to address remotely and receive information in real time through the online platform.
The company recommends to its shareholders the use of electronic means/remote interaction regarding the general meetings of shareholders, including voting through the voting forms mentioned above, as follows:
a) accessing the materials related to the general meetings of shareholders, in electronic format, avoiding, as far as possible, their transmission in physical copy, by post, courier services or picking up in person, from the company’s headquarters;
The materials related to the general meetings of shareholders can be accessed at the following link:
b) transmission by the shareholders of the general power of attorney or, as the case may be, of the special power of attorney by e-mail, to the address with the avoidance, as far as possible, of their transmission in physical copy by post, courier or personally deposit at the issuer’s registration;
c) voting by corespondence and, preferably, online at the links mentioned above, avoiding, as far as possible, their transmission in physical copy by post, courier services or personal submission to the issuer’s registry;

The Company also informs shareholders of the following warnings according to Reg. FSA no. 5/2020:
a) The company will apply the restrictions in force at the date of the general meetings of shareholders, regarding the limitation of the number of participants in events held indoors, depending on the express decisions adopted by the authorities;
b) participation in public events/meetings held in indoor spaces, under the conditions imposed by the authorities at that time, exposes the participants to a possible contamination with SAR-CoV-2 coronavirus, and the issuer and/or the management of the issuer will not be held liable for such a risk.

CR26 current report – engl2020