BITTNET SYSTEMS S.A. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) informs the shareholders about the improvement of the Group’s financing structure by contracting a banking credit product, by Dendrio Solutions SRL, from ING Bank NV Amsterdam – Bucharest Branch. The financing product is a revolving-overdraft line with the following coordinates:

• Total value of overdraft: RON 2,000,000

• Destination of credit: financing the working capital and current activity of Dendrio Solutions SRL

• Maturity: 1 year with extention possibility

• Interest rate: ROBOR1M+2.9% per year

The structure of the guarantees for this banking loan: promissory note “in white” without protest issued by Dendrio Solutions SRL and endorsed by Bittnet Systems SA and mortgage on banking accounts opened at ING. Bittnet Systems SA is the Sole Associate of Dendrio Solutions SRL.

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