BITTNET SYSTEMS S.A. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” / “Issuer”) informs the shareholders about the issuance by the FSA of the certificate of registration for the financial instruments – CIIF no. 4149-19 through which the capital increase was processed in the FSA records according to EGSM Decision no. 2 of 20.04.2022.

The new capital of the Issuer, registered at Trade Register and FSA, is in amount of RON 52,848,059.50, divided into a number of 528,480,595 BNET shares, each with a face value of RON 0.1. The company follows the registration process for the new number of shares at the Central Depository (CD), which will allocate the free shares in the global accounts of the shareholders, Section 1. The free shares will be allocate to the shareholders who opted against the cash distribution or the shareholders who did not take any action during the option period: July 27 – August 4. The allocation ratio is 1 free share for every 10 shares held at the registration date of July 21st. From Section 1, investors will be able to transfer those shares in Section 2 – trading accounts.

We attach to this current report the Presentation document of this operation as well as the new CIIF issued by FSA. The documents can be consulted at the link below.

CIIF FSA – no. 4149-19

Presentation Document