BITTNET SYSTEMS S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) informs investors about the suspension from trading of BNETR07 allocation rights starting with 30.04.2020, as a result of the approval by the FSA of the securities registration certificate (CIVM no. 4149-11 / 29.04.2020 – attached to this current report) related to the new number of shares according to the increased capital with cash contributions.
Thus, the last trading day of the BNETR07 allocation rights was 29.04.2020. The registration date defined as the date for identification of the holders of rights to be transformed into BNET shares is 04.05.2020. The payment date, defined as the date on which the BNET shares will be loaded in the trading accounts of the holders of allocation rights, according to their holdings is 05.05.2020. For each BNETR07right hold at the registration date a BNET share will be allocated.

CIVM ASF BNET – 29.04.2020

CR27 current report – engl 2020