New shares offer at a price of RON 0.31

During the Offer period, 30.01.2023 – 01.03.2023, you can buy new BNET shares, directly from the Issuer, based on the pre-emptive rights held by BNETR16, at the price of 0.31 RON per share. You need 5x BNETR16 rights to buy a new share.

For our part, we have made the process as easy as possible so that you can subscribe in any way agreed with your broker: by phone or via the Internet, or by completing and submitting the subscription form. Very important, the subscriptions are made through Market participants (brokers authorized by FSA). However, in case you encounter any problems when placing the order or your broker does not want to take it, you can contact us:

  • either by filling out the attached contact form
  • either at the mail adress:
  • or call us directly at +40.740.273.611. Our colleague Lucian Bratu will answer your questions related to the Offer and the way to subscribe shares within it

    About the offer:

    Between January 30 and March 1, 2023, Bittnet Group is running a public offering for sale of BNET common shares. Investors can subscribe to the offer at the price of RON 0.31 per share. The newly issued shares are common/ordinary shares, like those currently traded on the BSE Main Market. For a new share you need 5x BNETR16 pre-emptive rights. These rights will be tradable for a period of 5 working days, between 18.01.2023 and 25.01.2023. The presentation document for BNETR16 rights can be consulted here (only in Romanian) and the registration certificate as financial instruments for these rights here.

    Only the BNETR16 holders will be able to subscribe to the new shares during the offer period. Subscriptions can only be made through brokers, depending on the method agreed between the brokers and their clients: either by phone, mail or directly through the trading platform, or by filling out a subscription form. Additional subscription forms can be downloaded from here.

    Being a capital increase operation, the funds obtained will be used for the development of the company and the group of which it is a part.

    To take an informed decision, we invite you to read the following documentation that is an integral part of this Offer. The documentation was approved by the FSA and in available in Romanian:

    The above documents make up the simplified Prospectus consisting of separate documents and approved by the FSA by Decision no. 16/12.01.2023


    Bittnet is a IT company listed on the Main Market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE). Investing in the shares of  listed companies on the stock exchange presents multiple risks, the most important being the risk of the complete and definitive loss of the invested capital. Another important risk is liquidity risk – that is, the inability to sell the shares you own due to a lack of interest from potential buyers.

    There are numerous other risks, described in detail in the offer documentation, but also in the periodic reports (semi-annual/quarterly) and Annual Rreports. Before investing in any financial instrument, we encourage you to read all the documentation carefully!

    The approval visa applied to the offer documents has no guarantee value, nor does it represent another form of assessment by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) regarding the opportunity, advantages or disadvantages, profit or risks that the transactions could present with the securities of the issuer. The approval decision only certifies the regularity of the document with regard to the requirements of the law and the rules adopted in its application.

    For any additional information related to this Offer, questions or clarifications related to the subscription method, please either fill out the attached contact form or contact Lucian Bratu directly: +40.740.273.611 | Email: