(Business) name: Bittnet Systems S.A.
Legal form: Joint Stock Company
State where the registered office is located: Bucharest, Romania
Registered office address/ place for conducting the business: Str. Soimus, nr.23, Bloc 2, Scara B, Etj.2, Ap.24, Sector 4/ B-dul Iuliu Maniu nr. 7-11, Sector 6
Telephone: +40 21 527 16 00
Facsimile(fax): +40 21 527 16 98
e-mail: askformore@bittnet.ro
Main website address: www.bittnetsystems.ro
CAEN Code: 4652
Fiscal Code/Unique Registration Code: 2111848
Trade Registry Code: J40/3752/2007
Field of activity: Information Technology
Name of liaison person with BVB: Cristian Ion Logofatu
Trading symbol: BNET